Why do players consume bananas and not other fruits during tennis matches?

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

Athletic and sport activities like tennis demand lot of energy. While there are many sugar containing energy sources such as fruits or raw glucose itself, a good energy source will need to provide sustained energy as well as other benefits. Banana is the most preferred energy source of athletes.It contains different types of sugars and is also a very good source of Potassium. Tennis players also get dehydrated a lot and lose salts in the body. The sodium-potassium balance in the body is very important to maintain constant blood supply, which in turn determines energy supply to active parts of the body. Banana provides enough potassium, and sustained energy from various sugars. Banana is also available all over the world almost all times of the year. Last, but not least, unlike many other fruits, bananas come in their own hygienic natural `packing', which can just be peeled off and eaten safely.

Source: thehindu.com